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House painting is sometimes a chore that people attempt to do themselves when they move into a new place, or want to freshen up dingy walls. It can be quite daunting to start looking into all of the brushes, paint colors, primers, sponges, walls cleaner, painters tape, caulks, plaster, et cetera. It can be a lot for someone to do in their free time, and it can add up to be quite expensive when you factor in all of the supply needs to paint a wall properly. At Berkeley Painters, we take care of every step of the process. We manage the project, so you don’t have to worry about any part of it. While painting can be a process for sure, we find that it’s often so worth it for people to hire painting contractors to handle the work rather than doing it themselves. That being said, not all painting contractors in Berkeley were created equal, so we’re going to go over our thorough wall preparation procedure as experienced painting contractors. 


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Services I’m Interested In
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  • Most projects start with a phone call or a contact form submission. From there, we’ll give you an estimate on your project, and get your house scheduled in the books. Our team is experienced in house painting, and we are highly communicative about all aspects of the project. We will give you updates, keep you informed, and manage the process. 
  • Next is paint selection. We will get the selected paint color, or will help you through the selection process if you haven’t made the decision on the color of your walls yet. There are endless shade variations, so it’s important to love the color you select for your home to be painted. While the choices are extensive, we can provide you with popular selections or best practices if you’d like some assistance in your paint selection 
  • Room preparation: now it’s time to prepare the area that is to be painted. No matter whether it’s kitchen cabinets or the whole living room, the space needs to be cleaned, with most items moved out of the way. The last thing we want is paint drips or splatter on a beloved couch, so it’s important that all major items are moved away and covered. We will cover the floors and the items in the rooms that will be painted before anything else takes place. 
  • Wall preparation: after the room is ready, we will move into wall prep. Cabinets, doors, and walls in common rooms actually see a lot of wear and tear, and those surfaces can get grimy after a while, accumulating dirt, oils, smudges, and stains. These marks will make it difficult for the paint to adhere, so we will cleanse any major marks or smudges. This is also the point at which we would do any drywall repair, remove any paint that is peeling or chipping, and address any caulking or repair that needs to be done. This is to ensure that the paint color adheres to the wall, cabinet, or door, and will ensure longevity and quality of paint application. 
  • Prime and paint: finally, we move into the actual house painting during this time our team of experienced painting contractors will prime the walls properly, and will then apply the coats of paint color. We follow all product and application guidelines, and will make sure that this step of the project is completed smoothly, and effectively, with attention to detail. 
  • Finishing: last step! We would always treat your home the way we want ours to be treated, so our team will thoroughly clean up, remove all drop cloths and plastic used to protect the room, and will leave your house looking better than ever!

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