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Here at Berkeley Painters, we provide house painting in the East Bay area for both interior, exterior, and commercial spaces. We’re passionate about house painting and have dedicated our careers to perfecting our work, staying on top of industry standards, learning about new products, and providing our clients with highly skilled, exceptional work. We appreciate the opportunity to work with our clients, and to form relationships built on quality work, trust, and craftsmanship. We take great care of our clients because we care, and because we love painting your homes, improving your space, and helping you make your space feel like home.

We love recommending our house painting services to clients, because it’s one of the most approachable ways to makeover your home. Our painting contractors can take your home to the next level with expert level prep process, and high quality, washable paints that will look beautiful for years to come.


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Services I’m Interested In
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When you call us for house painting, our clients know that we take a professional, respectful approach to our work: once we understand the work you’re looking to have done, we will address any questions you have, and provide you with a simple, informational quote that takes into consideration your specific needs, desires, or requests. Once the quote is accepted, the work will be scheduled and we will move forward immediately.  

We take careful steps to ensure every room is prepared for work, and all furniture items are covered. We thoroughly prep all walls and surfaces to be painted, like cabinets, and doors, and we will fill in any holes, smooth any cracks, and perform any drywall repair that needs to be done before the paint can be applied properly. We use primers before we paint, and we are always testing new products, so we can be sure to use only the top of the line, highest quality products in your home. We will help you with color selection if requested, and we will ensure we have plenty of product, and the space is prepared before moving forward with the house painting. During the application process, we will give your home the respect it deserves throughout the duration of our work. We paint precisely and cleanly, so your walls will look their best, and the rest of the space will stay clean and safe throughout the painting process. Our team is professional, and will do the work efficiently, paying attention to detail with precision. 

We love what we do, and we’ve spent years perfecting our work. Trying new paint application techniques, researching and testing new products, adding new steps to our client communication checklist, we work to make sure every aspect of our work is done right. We are thorough with our processes, and it has served as well in all of our house painting work over the years. We have also found, that just as important as those aspects are, one of the most overlooked parts of the house painting process is listening to the client. We take the time to listen to all of our client’s questions, concerns, and desires as far as the painting project goes, because it is client satisfaction that is so valuable to us. We know how important your home and your space are to you, and we want to respect that, and do what we can to paint your walls well, and make your home feel newer, brighter, and more you.

 It is a privilege to do house painting in Berkeley and the East Bay area, and we know you have many choices as far as house painters go, and we hope that you will give us a call and learn more about what makes Berkeley Painters different than the rest. Your home should be an oasis from the outside world, and it is a pleasure to help our clients achieve this in their homes in Berkeley. We hope you’ll give us a call the next time you’re looking for house painting, so let us know if you have any questions or if we can help in any way! Our number is 510-426-9136, if we can’t answer please leave a message and we’ll get back to you at your preferred method of communication as soon as we can. 

We can handle all of your residential and interior painting, and are ready to paint your home with precision and detail work. Trims, ceilings, and walls- we’ve got it covered. We’re highly recommended by our clients, and have been featured various industry standard rankings. We are one of the best painters in the Berkeley area, and we did that by focusing on honing our painting skills, perfecting our process, and trying new techniques until we found the best way to work the house painting process from beginning to end. We appreciate the creativity involved in choosing color palettes for your home, and keeping your home well taken care of, and we know we can be the house painter for the job in Berkeley and the surrounding areas.

We take special care of every home, office, and bedroom we touch. We are thorough, and we are invested in the durability of the work we do, since it it always our pleasure to grow our business through word of mouth. When we hear that our clients have recommended us to others based on the work we did in their home, that to us is all the validation we need. We stay on top of all industry standards in the painting world, and we frequently test new products on the market, to ensure that what we’re applying on our client’s walls are the best of the best. Durable, long lasting, brilliant results- that’s what you’ll get when you hire us for your house painters in Berkeley. We service all neighborhoods in Berkeley, so call us if you’re interested in our work and want to know about our service area.

Our skill and finesse with wall color application comes from our years of work experience, which has allowed us to get better and better with each progressing year. A perfect paint color application is a thing of beauty, and when it comes to your home, we seek to keep it that way. Our careful routine will leave your space clean, fresh, and beautiful, with no mess left behind. Our work speaks for itself, and we look forward to continuing to provide our services in Berkeley for the years to come.

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